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Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to heal the hidden scars, or why falling in love and getting lost could save you

What do words mean to you?
Words are more powerful than swords, or do you consider it to be true the other way around?

I always believed that words are magic. That they are powerful enough to shape worlds, to influence people, to change one's destiny. To create new ways of thinking, to move someone, to make a difference.
Words have for sure the power to heal. To cherish. To thank. To hurt. To fight. To lie. To tell a story, To make someone laugh, or cry. To stand up for something. To talk with friends and loved ones. In one word, to communicate.

For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.
Edmund Spenser [1552-1599]

And yet, words are also wonderful to make a fool of oneself. Even more in a foreign language.

["Not till we are lost... do we begin to find ourselves"
In my humble opinion, anyone else can 
explain the meaning of life in a sentence like Thoreau does...]

In over five years in Germany, I never noticed - until today - that only one tiny letter allows to distinguishing the verb "sich verlieben" (to fall in love) from the verb "sich verlieren" (to get lost).

Funny, don't you think?
Or tragic, maybe. To fall in love with someone is not as dangerous, interesting, challenging, stressful and surprising as to get lost, after all?
And if it's true, like Thoreau said, that while getting lost we can find ourselves, it may be the same while falling in love, even if the love is not a happy one?

Let our scars fall in love.
Galway Kinnell [1927-2014]

Each of us has scars. And I am not talking about tattoos, this time. Scars can be difficult to ignore, if people carry them on their body or on their face.
...Or they can be invisible, if they are hidden in the soul.

Can falling in love and getting lost be in that case a way to take care of one's scars and to go on in a different, more lucid way? To change for the best, while dealing with the worst fears and demons one has?
To be brave and bold, no matter what, and to learn how to defeat obstacles and crash barriers?

I hope so. And you?

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