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How about you?
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

'Se son rose, fioriranno', or why one should just sits on her hands, sometimes...

We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond. 
Gwendolyn Brooks [1917-2000]

Sometimes, if you care about someone, the most difficult thing to do is just... not doing anything.
Sometimes one has just to sitting on his/her hands, while waiting for something or for someone, giving another person a chance to take the time for the right decision or for making a difference, or just for thinking about what's really important.

Accepting the silence can be very difficult. Accepting that one can't control everything and that one is just not in charge, for a change, can be frustrating.
And yet, being able to stay in the situation anyway and to wait without doing or saying something means to possess a great skill. Or to be willing to learn and improve it and to learn from previous mistakes, since patience is not a second nature for everyone.

It takes bravery, guts and self-control. It requires time, practice and energy. And it doesn't always pay off.
But in Italian we say 'Se son rose, fioriranno', which is a very flowery translation for 'Only time will tell' that actually means 'If they are roses, they are going to bloom, at some point'. Poetic, at least...

How about you?
Are you able to sit on your hands without doing anything?
If yes, how do you do that?

Tags: Silence, Relationships, Waiting