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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Looking for a very badass answer to unusual party questions about your life goals? Joel Peterson got you covered

"What do you want to achieve in life, long-term?"
Not exactly the classical small-talk question that you would expect at a summer party while staying in front of a bonfire and talking to someone you barely know and that has been introduced to you just five minutes earlier.
But here we are.

I could talk about my own personal awakening via the Karma tour.
I could talk about resilience, happiness, courage, being thankful and many other beautiful things.

[Which kind of light do you carry with you, 
to be shared with others?
What's your sparkle?
Image credit: ISO Republic]

BUT. I don't need to.

And I don't need to re-invent the wheel once more, since Joel Peterson, JetBlue chairman and Professor of Entrepreneurial Management, already found the perfect answer for me.

Back in 2014, he wrote down one of the best answers ever to this question, in my humble opinion, that perfectly explains everything that I personally relate to diversity, resilience, empathy and to the way I want to be remembered and even to be discovered (and hopefully not kidnapped) by aliens:

Wealth, power, fame and influence — perhaps all well and good — don’t reliably deliver satisfaction or meaning in life. I submit that meaning comes from the ability to look back with pride and to look forward with peace, knowing that those we’ve worked with and cared for are better off for having known us.

How about you?

PS. This one is for Jamin, one of the best party conversationalists I met this year.

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