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Friday, July 6, 2018

Typically "Berlin style" is... #3. The hipsters war about tattoos

Berlin, just like London and probably New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and a couple of other places in the whole world, is one of those big cities where you don't really pay attention to tattooed people, at least not until you meet heavily tattooed ones, since a good percentage of young people display some kind of (often very bad) tattoos.
Usually, the Rihanna type of tattoos or some newbie / hipster tattoo. The cheaper, the better. Old school and new school tattoos made by friends from friends that are just learning how to tattoo exactly now? Here we are!

And, at least in Berlin, it is fascinating to observe what happens, from a human dynamics point of view, as soon as young hipsters, that go around barely covered even in winter, in order to show their tattoos to everyone at any time, stumble upon someone with more or better tattoos than them.

[Flip flops and naked feet while walking around?
To be honest, I never thought that I would do that again,
and yet here we are, because...
never say never]

It is definitely more fascinating than watching Discovery Channel.
And I am not kidding.

Depending on their level of self-worth, self-awareness, and coolness, they could either pay homage to the person and their style with a smile and an appreciative look, or they could just try a nonchalant movement of the head in their direction, as if they would say: "I see you, you are okay, I guess".

If their neediness for external validation and short-term satisfaction is skyrocketing, they could...
Look at the person as if they would be experiencing something gross, ugly and disgusting, or they could even just turn the head in a very dramatic way, in order to show that they are refusing to look at that thing.  War is open, up to the last tattoo.

This way, I suppose, they are trying to keep their self-image intact and unshuttered.
Almost moving, don't you think?

(To be continued)

Tags: Berlin, Berlin's quirky sides, Tattoos, Hipsters, Self-worth

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