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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A little game against the little black cloud of negativeness

I strongly believe that being in a bad mood and bad vibes are somehow contagious. 
This is one of the reasons why I prefer to spend my time with people who are often in a good mood and who can stay positive and motivated even in bad situations. Negative people can somehow be toxic, for themselves and for their environment.

What do you do when you are sad or angry or frustrated, if you are being negative?

Most of the times, you keep thinking about how sad or angry or frustrated you are. And you talk to people to say how sad or angry or frustrated you are. And then you recall other situations that made you sad or angry or frustrated in the past. You complain about the situations, about you, about other people. 
Someone or something has to be guilty! Finding the guilty one slowly becomes the most important thing. Meanwhile, every minute you become even sadder or more angry or frustrated.

[Smiling a little bit more 
is "almost" always a very good idea...]

Your bad feelings are in the air, floating somewhere between you and the people around you, like the proverbial little black cloud of negativeness.
Does this "black" negative energy make you feel better? Does it improve your life? Does it change the situation or solve your problems? Does it bring joy or happiness to the people around you?

I bet it doesn't.

How about trying a little game instead?
Starting immediately, you can think and say something negative, if you want, anytime you want. But you have to think and say something positive first. Deal?

Try the game for a week and let me know your thoughts!

Tags: Being negative, Little black cloud, Positive attitude, Mindset, Positivity game

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