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Monday, July 9, 2018

"How about a big dietary change?", or the one about your demons' diet, two wolves inside us and switching to a ketogenic diet

After talking about going beyond fear and learning how your fears enjoy their tea, it's time to talk about your demons and their diet.
In a very serendipitous way, I stumbled upon the following pic, that is apparently creating a decent following on Twitter and on Pinterest:

["Do not just slay your demons, dissect them 
and find what they've been feeding on"
A little bit extreme, but hey!, it's kind of a mixed bag]

Slaying and dissecting someone, even just some demon, is not appealing to me, and yet the part of the sentence about what the demons have been feeding on struck a chord with me. It reminded me a lot of the Two Wolves story, mostly attributed to the Cherokee tradition, nowadays quoted all over the place:

[There are many versions of the same story.
This one is among the most spread ones]

Even if we are usually somehow aware of our demons, in most cases we are not aware of how we are feeding them or that they need to be fed in the first place. 
Dangerously enough, it looks like we would think that the demons are there just because, as a matter of fact, and that their ongoing presence and their thriving relevance in our life have nothing to do with us. As if we would have no influence and no possible impact on it.

Which demons are you feeding?
On purpose or without even knowing it? 

What if they would change their diet? 
What if you would change their diet for them, while taking responsibility for that, and stick to the new dietary requirements for a while, as an experiment*, even if takes practice, time, patience and effort?
Would they adapt to the new diet and change because of it, or starve to death?

Would you be willing to go the extra mile for that, anyway?
What if it would require you to learn something new, to do something different, to behave in ways that are outside of your comfort zone?

This one is for Anne, my own personal Annie Lennox.

*After trying out many different dietary regimens (flexitarian, vegetarian, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, pegan, intermittent fasting, raw food, high-protein, clean eating, and low-carb...) in the last twenty years, I am experimenting now with a ketogenic vegan diet. And the results are stunning. Maybe my demons should try that one too.

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