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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Short and sweet motivational questions for your self-care #9. Which kind of nonsense?

Let's go for a very simple and trivial question, one of those about the meaning of life, shall we?
How do you see it?
Do you think that the crazier, the better? Or do you prefer to play it safe?
How about a little bit of both, for a change?

It's not an easy question, right?
Still. Sometimes, serendipity has your back:

[How about a little bit of humbug, absurdity, BS?
From now on... Yes, please.
As long as it's just a little bit...]

While visiting a friend, today I stumbled upon this sticker on a door.

It says, in German: "Sinnlos ist ein Leben ohne Unsinn." Which more or less means: "A life without nonsense has no sense".

Even for someone as structured and well-organized as I like myself to be, it makes sense.
And suddenly, I had to smile. Life with a little bit of nonsense can be so much fun.
Which kind of nonsense can you welcome in your life?

This one is for Alexia.

Tags: Nonsense, Going with the flow, Relaxed attitude, Living with purpose, Self-care

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