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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Life is not about celebrity crushes, and you should pick up the phone today (yes, really)

If your favorite celebrity crush [they could be an actor, rock star, YouTuber, vlogger, writer, football player, entrepreneur, modern guru, royal, singer, motivational speaker, TV moderator, model, politician, Instagram diva or whoever rings a bell for you or makes you thirsty] would...
...set up a call with you, would you pick up the phone?
...text you, would you make them wait for a week before replying, or not reply at all?
...ask you to meet up, would you be a total busy bee for weeks in a row?

I am pretty sure the answer is "Hell, no!" or even "Are you kidding? What's the matter with you!?".

[There's no business like the business of Internet 
going nuts about Hollywood hotties...
Which Ryan (Gosling? Reynolds?)
Which Justin (Bieber? Timberlake? Theroux?)
And above all... which Chris (Hemsworth? Evans? Pine? Pratt?)]

Big Internet discussions about whether having celebrity crushes overall is healthy or unhealthy aside... 
Guess what? 

You are already surrounded by your favorite celebrities every single day: they are your friends and loved ones.
The people that make the difference in your life. And too many of us tend to take them for granted.
To think that, no matter how badly or poorly we treat them, they are going to be there tomorrow as well.
That they can wait, because life is soooo long and we have plenty of time.

Well, sometimes life is long.

I hear you already, saying that life is messy and you don't have time and you are tired and the day was long and you are very busy right now and the locusts and the flood...
Well, we both know that life is going to be messy tomorrow as well. And the day after tomorrow? Messy. And the one after that? You know the answer.

["Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! 
Action will delineate and define you" 
It is actually unclear and not historically proved
that Thomas Jefferson [1743-1826] ever said that.
BUT it is a great quote anyway]

And we also both know that it's a lame excuse. And that you can decide every single day which ones are your priorities.
So pick up that phone and call someone that matters to you, and never stop to feel lucky and grateful that they are in your life.

PS. Still, if I should have dinner with a Hollywood Chris, it would be a no-brainer for me: I would for sure go for Chris Evans.

Tags: Hollywood hotties, Celebrity crushes, Healthy relationships, Taking responsibility, Getting real

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